"I've worked with Allan, both as a personal coach and as a facilitator/coach for the team.  His vast experience gives him a great reference point and his relaxed but challenging style means every session sees progress - not always the case with other coaches.  Allan makes you ask the real/hard questions but ultimately this makes the coaching sessions very fruitful."


Alex Coultate - Commercial Director, Sony Playstation

Recent Coaching Assignments

Financial Director 

(High-tech engineering company)


Coaching Need:

  • Preparation for future MD roles
  • To consider options for re-organisation
  • Preparation for incoming MD/CEO


  • 30:60:90 day action plan formulated
  • Re-organisation of the finance structure
  • Increased self-confidence

Technical Director 

(Engineering company)


Coaching Need:

  • Improve working relationships at senior level​.


  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Positive performance reviews identifting effective working relationships.

Manufacturing Director 



Coaching Need:

  • To develop a wider business perspective.


  • Clear demonstration of more strategic thinking at board meetings.

Operations Director 

(International Business School)


Coaching Need:

  • To move from an operational perspective to a strategic one.


  • Now being actively considered for more global and strategic project roles.

European Senior Marketing Manager 

(Global pharmaceutical company)


Coaching Need:

  • Assist transition from a line marketing role (with clear lines of authority) to a matrix style role with multiple stakeholders.


  • An understanding of the new line manager's style and expectations.
  • Effective navigation of the new matrix structure.

Newly Appointed MD 

(Global spirits company)


Coaching Need:

  • Assist transition from Markieting Director (US) to MD role in Europe.


  • Successful 30:60:90 day plan formulated and implemented.
  • A pro-active stakeholder strategy developed.

European Sales Manager 

(Subsidiary of a major PLC group)


Coaching Need:

  • Preparation for more senior roles (within own company and the wider group).


  • More strategic approach to problem solving.
  • Positive perception from senior leaders.

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