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Our services are specifically designed to respond to the 'Effectiveness of leadership and management' criteria within the Ofsted Common Inspection Framework.

We provide bespoke coaching and development programmes for Headteachers, Senior Leadership Teams and Governing Bodies.  Allan is married to a headteacher, so fully understands the challenges leaders in education currently face.


AMA uses a selction of tools and techniques, including a one-to-one coaching approach supplemented, as appropriate, with team alignment sessions (SLT and Governing Body).  Programmes are usually held over a 6 month period with 2-3 hours each session.  The focus is on practical help and support, focused on agreed, measurable, outcomes.


If participating in one of our education programmes you can expect:

  • An experienced and qualified coach with experience in the education sector;
  • Flexible programmes tailored and adapted to suit different needs;
  • A programme designed to complement (not replace) any existing training you have in place;
  • A programme desigined to help improve the overall performance of the establishment;
  • Access to an offsite, confidential location if needed.

Recent Case Studies


1.  Primary School - London Borough

The headteacher concerned initially wanted assistance with what he felt was a time management problem.  He had recently taken on an executive headship of a third school and was finding himself pulled in many different directions.  He was finding it difficult to focus in on each specific problem that needed addressing, and felt he was unable to achieve anything substantial.


Together we explored best practice techniques in time management and meetings management.  He decided it made sense to treat one school as his base and this became the place that he handled most meetings.  This meant that sometimes people travelled to him, rather than he always travelling to them.


He also decided to fix regular days each week when he would be at the different schools.  This obviously needed to have some flexibility, but meant that staff members knew when he would be with them and therefore could save up particular issues.


He began devolving more responsibility to his SLT via effective delegation techniques - this combined with a programme of up-skilling the senior team so they felt more able to take on additional responsibilities.  An exercise in role definitition and role expectation also helped.


The outcomes, over a period of six moths included:

  • Improved time management;
  • More time to focus on strategic thinking;
  • Improved decision-making;
  • An ability to delegate more to the SLT;
  • A fully empowered and highly productive SLT.

2.  Junior School in Berkshire

An already successful headteacher of a large junior school in Berkshire was keen to identify and explore ways to improve his performance and that of the school. 


Having collected 360 degree feedback form multiple perspectives (teaching and non-teaching staff, the Board of Governors and other selected stakeholders including the School Improvement Partner), four separate areas of focus became apparent:

  • Development of an appropriate and compelling vision for the school;
  • Leading more and managing less;
  • Team development - primarily his SLT;
  • Techniques to help him become more time efficient.


The agreed way forward involved three deliberately concurrent areas of focus:

  1. Confidential 1-1 coaching for the headteacher (6 sessions over 8 months September to June).
  2. A short (half-day) session with the SLT aimed at securing alignment and agreement to the broad objectives.
  3. A short (evening) session with the Board of Governors which focussed on the role and expectations of the headteacher vis-a-vis his governors.


The outcomes to date have been:

  • Communication between individuals and teams has been substantially improved;
  • Meetings are more focussed and more productive;
  • Levels of self-confidence have improved;
  • Objectives are alligned and responsibilities are clearly identified.

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