Experiential Programmes

We create, customise and use business simulations to build real business and leadership acumen which significantly improves business performance.

An intensive, 2 or 3-day, experiential programme, rooted in the principles of brain discovery.


It is a results orientated, business simulation programme, designed to be competitive, interactive and fun.  It provides participants with the opportunity to run their own business in competition with others, to make decisions and understand and learn from the consequences of those decisions.

Every programme is highly customised ie. your key business processes, terminology, performance measures and learning outcomes.


The programme is designed to include a total business perspective spanning strategic, financial, commercial, leadership and organisational challenges.

This combination of 'hard' and 'soft' approaches is designed to replicate real business leadership today.  Decisions can't be made in a vacuum, some events are unforeseen and the leadership displayed has to be appropriate for the business, the market and the changing conditions with which a team is faced.


Our experiential programmes are a joint venture between AMA and Business Today.

Recent Case Studies


UK leading supermarket - £6 billion turnover.

Our original brief was to assist in the improvement of cash flow of the Waitrose business.


We built an understanding of cash flow within the Board and the senior management team, and equipped them with the new behaviours, knowledge, skills and tools required.  Mark Price, the MD of Waitrose commented our invovement was instrumental in the supermarket's improvement in financial results.  Cash released from working capital exceeded £186m over a two year period.


The customised simulation based learning and training approach resulted in the company requesting us to roll out the programme to all management across Waitrose and John Lewis.  The programme now runs with a wider brief of 'build financial and commercial accumen' and is in its fourth year.  Feedback continues to be excellent and the courses are over-subscribed.

Moy Park

Europe's largest supplier of poultry products - £1.5 billion turnover.

We are now in our fifth year of providing simulation based training for Moy Park for their graduate trainees and identified 'high potential' empolyees.  The learning objectives span financial, commercial, strategy, leadership, organisation and team dynamics.


Feedback continues to be excellent.

Barratt Developments plc

A FTSE 100 house builder

We ran the first training course for Barratt graduate trainees in the summer of 2015.  The feedback was excellent and we have been retained to provide similar in 2016.  The simulation included a land purchase project - the key business process of a house builder.  This is an example of how unique our programme is - we customise all of our training courses to deliver exceptional results.  The delegates experience running a company and have to deal with the challenges, financial, commercial, strategic, leadership and organisational.  The simulation is customised to refect the key underlying business process, using the client's own terminology, KPI's and financial numbers.

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