Design and Facilitation of Bespoke Workshops/Events

Chartered Institute of Marketing 

The leading body for marketing and business development.

Design and facilitation of a one-day forum designed initially to generate and encourage the sharing of ideas for how the organisation could continue its successful transition into profitability and increasing membership.


There were multiple stakeholders involved – CIM Senior Management Team, CIM Trustees, CIM Members (representing an external perspective) and invited high potential managers from the CIM.  The total number of participants was 35.


The result was the generation of a substantial number of ideas, prioritisation of these into 5 main areas of focus followed by smaller working groups working together to produce recommended action plans (with appropriate metrics) to the Board of Trustees for the organisation to start working on. 

Hult International Business School

Design and facilitation of a one-day workshop (for 96 employees) aimed at exploring ways to further increase levels of customer satisfaction (students at the Business School) and remain attractive in the highly competitive global MBA market.


The entire support infrastructure (many different departments) at HULT were involved in a highly participative offsite event involving ideas generation, external speakers, market visits to get ideas from other organisations that could be used internally.


The feedback from the vast majority of participants was overwhelmingly positive saying that they felt energised by the event and were focused on the return-to-work application of the key learning points. 

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