Recent Leadership and Management Development Programmes

Client:  Jagex 

Electronic Games Developer


To design, develop and facilitate a modular management development programme for their key senior managers who were very strong technically but did not have the management experience necessary to ensure that the critical timelines for launch of their new online game (Transformers Universe) were met.


Successful delivery of six full day practical workshops (2 weeks apart) focused on the key knowledge and skills needed for these managers.  The game was lauched successfully and on time.

Client:  IGN - now part of Ziff Davis 

A leading Global digital media company specialising in the technology and gaming markets.


To design, develop and facilitate a combined modular leadership development and team development programme for their four functional heads to ensure they were properly prepared and equipped for the transition to the new owners Ziff Davis.


It was critical that the post-acquisition period was led successfully and that the new owners (and new MD) retained faith with the senior leadership team that it acquired.  The existing business was successfully led and managed in this period of immense change, together with an office move, and the new parts of the organisation were successfully integrated.

Client:  AMCNI 

A leading international broadcaster and distributer of thematic television channels across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.


To design and develop and emerging leaders programme for senior managers who are responsible for leading change in this very fast moving commercial environment characterised over the last five years by regular acquisitions and disposals.


This programme has evolved successfully over the last five years to reflect the changing shape and emphasis of the orgnaisation and is now regarded as one fo the key learning and transition platforms offered to emerging leaders globally.


Client:  Crytek 

An international electronic games developer headquartered in Frankfurt.


To design, develop and faciliate three consecutive and back-to-back management workshops for individuals within the Marketing Department of the organisation.


The emphasis was on the practical skill development of individuals around three core areas i.e. team-working, managing performance and personal organisation (time management, meetings management and communication skills).  The subsequent feedback on all three days was very positive particularly in regard to the post-workshop application of the tools and techniques shared with them.

Client:  Sony Computer Entertainment Europe 

A key part of Sony Corporation.


To design, develop and facilitate a programme of management development workshops aimed at helping identified high potential managers to improve their professional competence and confidence.


A succesful series of workshops that have helped to 'up-skill' the individuals concerned and allow them to achieve their business objectives.

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