Psychometric Profiling

AMA uses a variety of Psychometric tools, which offer different perspectives and insights, depending of the needs of the client.

Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI/ESCI)  Hay-McBer


Emotional competence is the ability to recognise and manage one's own feelings and emotions and those of others.  Extensive research has identified that high performance individuals have a high degree of EC.

Team Management System  TMS


At its core, the TMS approach is about energy that individuals feel when 'who they are' matches 'what they do'.  It is also the energy teams feel when they see the value and strength of different perspectives, and different energies, focused on a common goal.

Primary Colours Leadership Model (Primary Colours)

Edgecumbe Consulting


A powerful but simple framework that explains the 3 primary domains in which leadership operates - strategic (head), operational (hands and feet) and interpersonal (heart) and allows individuals to understand where they best contribute and where their own team needs to focus to get optimum results.

Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI)  OPP


A very popular and well-established tool (based on the work of Karl Jung) that examines an individual's preferences about the way they operate in life.  The 4 dimensions useed are Extrovert/Introvert, Sensing/Intuition, Thinking/Feeling and Judging/Perceiving.  Extensively used in business.

Hogan Suite (HPI, HDS, MVPI)  APS UK


Three separate tools looking at personality:

  1. HPI - the 'bright' side
  2. HDS - the 'dark' side and potential derailers
  3. MVPI - the core values - the 'inside'

me2  E-metrixx


The me2 Creative Strengths Indicator is a tool designed to identify how an individual perceives their strenths in terms of theri ability to see problems, develop a range of solutions and turn ideas into reality.  Very few people are equally strong in all 3 and therefore the toll places emphasis on the need for teams to have all elements.

HeartMath  TAO UK

A set of performance enhancement techniques based on the science of the relationship bewteen the human brain and the heart.

We also utilise the following tools:

  • Belbin Team Types
  • PAPI
  • PI
  • Insights
  • SDI
  • Prism
  • Caliper
  • OPQ

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